Mad to be Normal by Jeff Foster

MAD TO BE NORMAL Stop trying to be normal. You weren’t born to be normal. Normal means numb, inauthentic, identified with ego. Be abnormal. Be your crazy, wild, brilliant self. Be unhinged, broken, open. Let unbearable joy and profound sorrow flow through you. Let every crazy thought arise and fall. Remember, you are spacious. You […]

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Note: Title refers to avoidance of an issue.   It is a daily quest to dive under the cover of uncertainty As we polish and spit shine life’s oft exploding safety helmets. For certain messages assail me I hunger and am thirst obsessed Asking to step aside ghosts of painful lockets. Make the call home Lower the […]

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A Pretty Amazing Cat

DaiSuki is known as a “tuxedo cat” due to his markings ~ he looks as though he just stepped out of a grooming parlor and is wearing a tuxedo. His markings make him look like he has on a bow tie, white shirt, and a dinner jacket. He is also very fluffy. Some days he […]

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And They Were Kind

My name is Nahnee. I am a grandmother. It is the most meaningful job I’ve ever had, besides being a mother. I also happen to love adventure! Not long ago I am driving on a lonely winding road. It is a sun-dappled day with heavy winds. I slowly ramble toward a beloved family gathering nestled […]

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Bobbi Died Today

As I write this I want it to be right for her. I want it to say things that are meaningful for her. I want it to be real. And, I want to speak of her heart. The tears come and burn my tired eyes as I hold her in my emotional embrace. Bobbi died […]

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