Maybe we have all the answers. We just don’t know it. Maybe it is not that hard. The following is an excerpt I wish to remember, mull over, and perhaps write about: Leisure, the Basis of Culture: An Obscure German Philosopher’s Timely 1948 Manifesto for Reclaiming Our Human Dignity in a Culture of Workaholism “We […]

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Fawn Rising and Papa

She is 27 years old. ┬áThe year is 1977. The place is Gainesville, Florida, United States. In college as a “student over the traditional age”, she is asked to write a paper about her religious journey. The course is Comparative Religions with Professor Bernard McFadden, a former Catholic priest: There is a restlessness in Fawn […]

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What If?

We are many stories ~ while some are not so pretty, there are many for which I am grateful. I sometimes endure severe depression combined with thoughts of a weariness so severe I find I no longer have energy to live. (My friends with military training call it life termination and this makes me laugh […]

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Notes travel to the weathered shore of my dreams; Reaching over the sands toward lightness of time, day, and lives unabridged Where living reminders of Spectres of childhood, safe yet courageous Stand tall as living memorials to A time long gone A people long gone A hurt still remembers Still yearns.

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