A Mostly True Story (Version #2)

Exhausted from her life in the trees Corky-Belle falls fast asleep. She dreams of ways to slip away from Mother, Father, her sister Chloe-Marie, and ballet classes. Her hair flies out from under broken red goggles. Her clothing shows rips and tears from tree-climbing. She wears a cape made from one of Mother’s worn tablecloths. Corky-Belle’s world […]

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The sound of the classical flat-top guitar sprinkles lovely notes about the concert hall. Nylon strings pluck in a pattern of strumming Fawn Rising perfected over the years. It reminds one of a bubbling brook. Never seeming to end, it exists for hedonistic languages of live music, always continuing. “No. I will not stop,” thinks […]

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A Very Kind Man

Involvement with a clinical psychologist turned writer At a time in my life When kindness is paramount I do not desire nor do I have the energy To burrow deeply As to why one is mean-spirited What on earth happened in their journey To make them cruel For I am the first to acknowledge They […]

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The lavender edges begin to swim and teem and brim to overflowing as my fascination begins lapping inside my brain. Lake shards of pretty little pieces of broken bone china all touching and not touching, dangerous and lovely. Wickedly pointed yet somehow able to calm my anxious heart. Anxious for the life I’ve spent seeking […]

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Absolutely No Apologies

I notice that as we women age we seem to walk and stand with our feet farther and farther apart as though bracing for a severe storm. I notice that we begin to droop, sometimes just a little, and then more and more as though it is too difficult to carry our carcass of bones ~ […]

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The soil along the path we walk shares its space with the ashes of our father, our brothers, and our niece. Through the mountains blows the winds of toil ~ honest, hard, sweating, simple work. Work with horses. The horses’ eyes, haunted with the fire of passion from long ago as well as an unparallelled […]

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The Father of My Children

His primary legacy is one of abandonment. Thirty years. I ask myself what part did I play and would I do it again? I do not have an answer today. The service is remarkable and filled with awed acceptance, gratefulness for the last eight years of family involvement, and the knowledge that his homecoming is meaningful. […]

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The Death of Dually Murphey

Part I Do I have tattered Courage to feel respite in the morning? We mourn the passing of our great friend, brother, uncle and hero An unheralded and oft dismissed saint of the highest. We poets, soldiers, teachers and stakeholders in the bonds of Humanity He, a finder of words and Fate who breaks our […]

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How might I start This piece of inspiration About how I can roust A deep and most riveting Memory of your loving acts? Your wanderings circling our planet Your ideas enriching our young Your actions of heroic heart From cruelties Of our world Your world. With your heart for humanity You demand and replace all […]

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Prompt #2 Di’s Piano Interlude ~ Intimacy Be still Sway not Land softly Cry slowly Draw your forearm across my cheek As a cool breeze pockets the moment Still your breath against my neck Curve your arms to cradle me And I I Will be yours This very night.

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