His Greatest Disappointment

Christ’s greatest disdain the shunning isolation and exclusion of humans by humans to humans hungry for perceived yet false power. Producing anger and resentment I garble, devour, and ingest Lounging around within my corpus callosum How do I resolve it From where is it coming Will I use it for service Painstakingly kind service.

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The Canyon

I am a canyon Stretching forever Until undecipherable, unseeable, unceasing Craggy rough-edged jagged and hard Time Teaches me nothing And everything. I exist with texture colors hardness roughness and cracked softness Amazingly soft space.   Donald Meldrum, PsyD., writes 4 lines while staring at Marilyn’s pencil drawing of the Grand Canyon: (Didn’t get lost in; […]

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In the midst of a dream Upon waking I fumble for a pen to write my dream into being As I write the sun responds Climbing over the horizon it rises bursting light hovers o’er the diamond waters while I struggle to hold on to this dream to keep it alive It begins to fade […]

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Staying in the corner at thirteen First dance. At war with her body … Peers want to know what she is doing in the corner. What is so wonderful there. At long last she dances and dances then dances some more. Many different people dance with her non-stop. To think she didn’t want to go […]

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The Plan

A long slow breath of breeze blows a scent of rawness from a doe in her time The buck blinks and his whithers shiver and slither He lifts his nose into the air and scouts the forest edge Peering toward the blue sky he imagines infinite possibilities He remembers learning from his father how to […]

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Can we steer this vessel toward the heart’s longing for wordlessness? Can we piece together a quilt of guilt from years of layered shame? Might we cry out to stay within the dark emboldened lines of compassion’s ache? And how, in the wee hours of night’s aloneness, do we make sense of the world’s anguish? […]

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The Face of God

Dancing twirling recreating The seasons arrive individually with the stage set for change We see change in character Changes in our hope for redemption And changes in our grieving pools of septic brokenness. We are in our first days As we embrace our last days One is too much A thousand not enough We ache […]

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The Tree

There is a gentleness among the branches that makes me want To climb up and into the flowering bouquets As though protecting and nurturing our sacred Earth It reaches up, around, and out while quietly bidding us to sit under its shade Its blossoms wave and weave places for butterfly landings Gathering birds hold Earth […]

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Fawn’s Concerto

My wish is for love to be Freely given Freely taken Yet how do I love thee? Is there a fee? Oh, yes, of course When I least expect it. Freely given Freely taken? No. I imagine I am the delighted and gaily tripping lover While turning at times into a septically abusing wench Truth […]

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I have a deeply supportive and remarkable family, meaningful friends, two therapists, 43 medical doctors, a good enough higher power belief as I have come to know She He It or They, and multiple opportunities for community service. I have a sacred family lake place, albeit cobbled together, in need of attentive yet long-deferred maintenance […]

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How to Get to Heaven

Let Me In, Lord? How might I request an invite to heaven Do I write a formal letter to God Or, text Him Might I call Him on my cell Or, be more public and ask Him on Facebook? Or, could I have a secret code, filled with suspicions Where I quietly lay before Him […]

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