Wandering Through mazes of barbed and bloody emotions Pushing pulling pulverizing Craving calm Carving out new images Wrapping the darkness in acceptance Amen. Tsuriai. Namaste. I bow to you Grief.

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Lago d’Crystalle

  The lake is glass About to break, or Soon to be in a battle with the sky winds It soothes the tearing pieces of heart It removes the anger It reveals a mind of yes A mind of matter A mind of goodness And Mercy.

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Love. Did you say I cannot find it Because it is out of my reach Because it is too far away Because I am not looking in the right way Because I have been dodged And ridiculed And satirized. I say No. I am love.

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On Her Own

My friend Enters the arena where She is losing her mother She is losing self She is losing her son She is seeking What A safe place upon which to land Does anyone understand How can this be This trial of life Its force of credibility Make way, my child Allow her to wander Allow […]

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