The Contest

Fifteen year-old River holds his little sister, Fawn Rising, up high in the air. They are in the gathering room of their precious log home. It is the only room with a real glass window. The year is 1836. The place is on a First Nation Cherokee reservation in Oklahoma. River is on his back, […]

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A Many-Splintered Heart

It is with great care I tread Lightly upon your clean and emboldened heart. It is approached by many For comfort, surprise, and challenge To allow us, your friends, a moment To test presuppositions, worn and needy Just what will I do  with this one precious and wild life? (Thank you, Mary Oliver!) What will you […]

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Amazing Little Moo-Man

My name is Little Moo-Man. I am a cat. When you look at me from one side, I look like a very small little cow. From the other side, I look like a white cat. I live with humans in an cobbled-together lake place of two cottages, a detached office, and two out-buildings, old and […]

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Soldier Boy

Photograph by Charles Reed, life-long friend. 1968 Soldier Boy A casualty of war ~ fifty years later I. Standing six feet five inches An athlete a saint A poet a songwriter a musician A sometimes too-compassionate business person a stand-up comic Time tortures him as he works to block out childhood pain He saves my life […]

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Abhorrence and Glory

As in waiting for the light to change Or, waiting breathlessly in a corps of dancers for the curtain to rise Or climbing the walls while a once again drunk relative makes yet another mindlessly insipid toast Remembering those who could not join us for these holidays Those who have crossed over before us. Without […]

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Streaming Moonlight

Once I see a light so silver and warm and baffling I ache to capture it Gaining access to my soul I dance with the moon Mingling, masquerading, making memories with Stars.   Midst cries of billowing rocketing birds I fall in love with The sea. The sea. It is my heart, this sea. It […]

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Handsome Jazz

He is found in South Carolina. Beside a highway. The upper half of his face lies peeled back exposing his skull. He’s been left for dead after spending time as a bait-dog in a dog-fighting ring. Emaciated at forty percent of his normal weight, teeth filed off, unconscious, barely breathing, full of heart worms, Handsome Jazz’ […]

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A Statement of Position

~ Thinking about sending this to family members who may misunderstand/misinterpret/misquote one’s motives. Statement by Rising Fawn with gratefulness to Manuel Smith (1975), Robert Alberti & Michael Emmons (1982), and (2009). Note: The word “peer” is used in this context to signify a professional acquaintance, friend, neighbor, or family member.   You have the […]

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In My Dream Do-Over World

  Most days I have no regrets. Okay. Some days I have no regrets. IF I could do a ‘dream makeover’ version of my life I might: Avoid people who suck their teeth and spit; Allow all children to engage in their growth years without violence of any kind; Keep far away from humans who leave […]

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A Time of Reflection

* I waken to a world of gray cold drizzle. It is my favorite weather. I especially love it if I can be at my lake cottage (the Fort). It is reminiscent of a tree house. * Located in north central Florida, it is a very old cobbled-together patch of two cottages and three outbuildings. […]

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